schilders bij nachtwacht

kusje nachtwacht


Grandmasters of Painting

walk acts on stilts around Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh

Born in the 17th century, they are still the greatest artists.
In a matter of moments, strangers in the crowd are brought together and modeled for a flash portrait. The reward is an unexpected Dutch souvenir.

Speed dating and speed painting all rolled into one entertaining experience.


Available themes:
Nachtwacht Parade
Rembrandt Next Level
Grand Masters of Music
Van Gogh
Themes can be combined, and performers can alternate.
It’s possible, with 4 performers, to have 3 hours of ongoing entertainment.
Duo’s can be expanded to a group of three, four, etc,

melkmeisje schildert

melkmeisje in melkmeisje


kindje op nek

Duo Rembrandt


The two elegant main characters from De Nachtwacht (‘the Nightwatch’) saw how Rembrandt earned his money with painting.
In his footsteps, they search for suitable models and the right light for their flash paintings.
With skill, surprising compositions are eternalized.
Group portraits are their speciality.

Duo Rembrandt

Duo Nachtwacht

Grote Meesters van de Muziek
On De Nachtwacht (‘the Nightwatch’) these characters stand a bit at the side: the musketeer in red, and the drumplayer on the right.
They are the flanks of the Nightwatch.
Now they accurately handle the brush, and search for the centre of attention.
Duo Nachtwacht

Duo Vermeer


Het Melkmeisje (‘The Milkmaid’) and The Girl with a Pearl Earring. In huge size.
Long lovely ladies with a curly drawing style, filled with emotion.

Duo Vermeer

Nachtwacht parade


This moving circus company brings the painting ‘De Nachtwacht’ alive.
Our parade consists of live musicians, acrobats and stilt walkers. The group divides in duos regularly, to entertain as many people as possible. Surprising commands and musical signals are made everywhere to call people to action.

Nachtwacht parade

Duo Marching Musicians

Grote Meesters van de Muziek

The atmosphere of the Dutch 17th century rolled in cheerful marching music. All kinds of musical signals will challenge the audience to move or join in.

Grote Meesters van de Muziek

Duo Van Gogh

Van Gogh

This farmer couple has changed the fields for the paintbrushes that Van Gogh painted them with.
Used as they are to large tools, their style is a bit unrefined.
Post-impressionism to the max.

Duo Van Gogh

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